French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

For a controlled integration of artificial intelligence and digital technologies for sustainable development in Africa
Africa is currently facing major challenges in terms of massive educational needs and inclusive education, climate change and ecological transition, food security and resilient agriculture, mass unemployment and youth socialization.

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What human do we wish for tomorrow?

What human do we wish for tomorrow?

An article from Science du Monde - Artificial Intelligence - Where is the limit? Reproduced here with the kind permission of Lafont Presse

ATI in the Press

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A word from the President

What is the potential of Artificial Intelligence coupled with digital technology to meet these challenges while respecting cultural diversity, ethics and human rights?
Artificial intelligence is still a relatively new and growing field. There is a huge need for training and information for a variety of audiences: political leaders, business leaders, academics, rural populations and the general public.

Dr. Eric Adja - President of AFRIA

Presentation of the Agency's activities 

Raising awareness of Artificial Intelligence issues


AFRIA's primary role is to raise awareness among the public authorities, private sector and civil society actors to the challenges of AI.

To this end, AFRIA organizes events (forums, symposia, seminars, round tables, etc.) that enable these stakeholders to understand the risks and opportunities associated with AI and to develop appropriate strategies. In the continuity of these events,

AFRIA produces and disseminates knowledge and critical thinking on AI.

Training in Artificial Intelligence and underlying technologies


Training represents one of the essential pillars of AFRIA's mission to reveal and support the talents of tomorrow and to promote entrepreneurship in the AI sector.
To do so, it facilitates collaboration between artificial intelligence researchers and field experts. Concretely, AFRIA is committed, alongside other local and international partners, to the implementation of educational programmes open to all that will promote research, development and industrialization of AI for sustainable development.
Consulting in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies


AFRIA supports governments and the private sector in the research and implementation of AI solutions and projects. 

To do so, it draws on its academic, scientific and entrepreneurial networks to foster the co-creation of solutions adapted to local needs and realities.

AFRIA aims to ensure the controlled, responsible and economically viable development of AI projects.

AFRIA is resolutely focused on impact. Thus, all projects developed in Africa integrate the notion of social and environmental impact from their inception.

The Partners of the Francophone Agency
for Artificial Intelligence

Centre des Hautes Etudes du Ministère de l'Interior

Centre des Hautes Etudes du Ministère de l'Interior

The Centre des Hautes Études du Ministère de l'Intérieur (CHEMI) is a service placed under the authority of the Secretary General of the Ministry and whose strategy is validated by a Ministerial Steering Committee chaired by the Minister or his Chief of Staff.

The CHEMI is responsible for complementing and consolidating the knowledge of the Ministry's civilian and military executives.

Advanced Cycle d'Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Cycle d'Artificial Intelligence

This cycle, the idea of which was put forward by Prefect Denis Robin, Secretary General of the Ministry, brings together over a six-month period nearly twenty senior officials from all the major departments of the Ministry.

Organised and conducted by the Centre des Hautes Etudes du Ministère de l'Intérieur (CHEMI), it will not only provide an opportunity to visit the problems of AI in the field of security (video surveillance, file exploitation, low frequency signals), but also to measure all the various contributions that AI is likely to make to the multiple facets of the Ministry's action.

Francophone Business Forum

Francophone Business Forum

The FFA is part of the economic Francophonie. The economic Francophonie is the choice of cooperation between economic actors. It strengthens their position by increasing their capacity to face economic and financial globalization. The economic Francophonie is a space of partnership and solidarity based on the intensification of economic and commercial relations as well as on the promotion of a vision of the world and the economy that takes into account humanist values while respecting cultural identities.

Francophone Business Forum

Vallet de France Foundation

Vallet de France Foundation

The Vallet Foundation was created in 1999 under the aegis of the Fondation de France by Odon Vallet and his brother Jean-Daniel. At the heart of the approach of this eminent professor at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Doctor of Law and Science of Religions, was the idea of donating a large inheritance to benefit the education of underprivileged young people, in particular by choosing courses and countries that receive little support from other sources.

Vallet de France Foundation

Adrien Houngbédji Foundation

Adrien Houngbédji Foundation

The Adrien Houngbédji Foundation for Digital and Youth (FAHNJ) aims to promote, in Benin and Africa, initiatives and innovations in the development of information and communication technologies.

Adrien Houngbédji Foundation

Incognito Human Resources

Incognito Human Resources

Incognito Human Resources has created a place for people looking for work. AFRIA and IncognitoHR are joining forces to launch a new online recruitment platform for the digital professions. A solution that meets the challenges of employment and recruitment in the digital age and the digital transformation of African companies.

Afria IncognitoHR

The management team

From its headquarters in Geneva, AFRIA manages the various departments (agriculture, health, education, urban planning...) and is active in various countries, mainly in Africa.

It already has an office in Paris and plans to open offices in some capitals in Africa, Europe and North America in the near future. In African countries, AFRIA relies on local organizations and resources for the organization of operations and activities.

At this stage, not all positions are filled. In addition, individuals whose profile or support will be crucial to the development of the Agency will be invited to join the FC, the HC and the SC.

Board d'Administration

Executive Chairman:

Dr. Eric Adja, Professor at the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin), Associate Researcher at the CNRS (France), Former Director of Digital at the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF)


Germaine Koumealo Anaté, Professor at the University of Lomé, Former Minister, Member of the National Assembly of Togo.

Mouhamadou Diallo, Director of CIOMag,

Marie de Freminville, International Expert in Cyber Governance and Data Protection

Armand Tessalonikos, Digital Director, Cabinet FIDAL

Olivier Gerspacher, Business Manager.

Alexandre Demont, Director General of AFRIA (ex-officio member)

Executive Committee

Director General: Alexandre Demont

Director of Development and Partnerships: Olga Johnson

Director of Digital and Cybersecurity: Bertrand Kolb

Executive Assistant: Sandrine Koffi

Committee d'Honour


Steve Gentili, President of BRED (Banque Populaire), President of the Francophone Business Forum.

Scientific Council


Pierre Ouédraogo, Former Director of the Digital Francophonie, CEO ITTIC, Burkina Faso.


Destiny Tchéouali, Professor, Université du Québec, Montréal

Cossi Atchonouglo, Professor, University of Lomé, Togo

Nathalie Kienga, Cybersecurity Expert, Congo DRC/Switzerland.

Mouhameth Beye, Communication Officer, Agence universitaire de la francophonie (AUF), Dakar, Senegal

It is strategic for Africa to strengthen or accelerate the development of its artificial intelligence capabilities.
AFRIA intends to support African countries in the controlled integration of these technologies so that they are used for the integral and sustainable development of people and the environment.

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