1st French-speaking Artificial Intelligence Forum

The 1st francophone forum on artificial intelligence is created to meet the AI needs of francophone countries.

It aims to establish a panorama of solutions in the field of AI and to understand the stakes in terms of ethics, know-how and application. This forum is intended to be a decision support tool available to French-speaking actors and decision-makers in their strategy for the development of this technology and the resulting resolutions.

This forum is also an opportunity to highlight the projects of young digital entrepreneurs and to promote, through the creation of networks, the entrepreneurial potential of the African continent in the field of AI and for the benefit of Sustainable Development Objectives.

Under the co-chairmanship and sponsorship of Mr Stève Gentili, President of the Francophone Business Forum and Mr Jean-Martin Jaspers, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Ministry of the Interior (IHEMI), this first edition will take place over 2 days from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

1st Francophone Artificial Intelligence Forum

French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

From its headquarters in Geneva, AFRIA manages the various departments (agriculture, health, education, urban planning...) and is active in various countries, mainly in Africa. 

It already has an office in Paris and plans to open offices in some capitals in Africa, Europe and North America in the near future. In African countries, AFRIA relies on local organizations and resources for the organization of operations and activities.


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22 October 2020
AFRIA, the French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

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