For a controlled integration of artificial intelligence and digital technologies for sustainable development in Africa

Africa is currently facing major challenges in terms of massive educational needs and inclusive education, climate change and ecological transition, food security and resilient agriculture, mass unemployment and youth socialization.

To this list should be added demographic imbalances and the development of a genuine culture of peace and human security, data and sustainable development.

There are many issues at stake: political, social, ethical, economic, legal and so on. Investing in AI and developing a critical reflection on it therefore becomes an obligatory path for States, particularly African States, organisations, companies, farms and universities that are trying to anticipate tomorrow's world.

For the time being, the field of new technologies is developing in a monopolistic and hegemonic way, mostly to the benefit of foreign companies. For the latter, Africa represents a testing ground and a financial windfall serving their sole interests more than a continent with incomparable human and natural potential.

Yet African countries are brimming with talent, especially young people, and have the resilience to take the destiny of an entire continent into their own hands, a future rooted in respect for people and their environment.

This forward-looking approach is only possible if public authorities, companies and civil society reappropriate the strategy and tools for developing AI technologies.


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01 August 2020
AFRIA, the French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

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