Artificial Intelligence Graduate Cycle

AFRIA is taking part in the postgraduate course in artificial intelligence, organized by the Centre des hautes études du Ministère de l'intérieur (CHEMI), on Wednesday, September 9, on the theme, AI: territories and projects.

Advanced Cycle d'Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Cycle d'Artificial Intelligence

This cycle, the idea of which was put forward by Prefect Denis Robin, Secretary General of the Ministry, brings together over a six-month period nearly twenty senior officials from all the major departments of the Ministry.

Organised and conducted by the Centre des Hautes Etudes du Ministère de l'Intérieur (CHEMI), it will not only provide an opportunity to visit the problems of AI in the field of security (video surveillance, file exploitation, low frequency signals), but also to measure all the various contributions that AI is likely to make to the multiple facets of the Ministry's action.


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08 September 2020
AFRIA, the French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

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