Ideathon for the benefit of local authorities in Senegal

In June 2020, under the direction of CHEMI, a new training programme called SIATA was started for prefects and actors of the territorial administration of Senegal, whose objective is to enable them to become familiar with the concepts and notions of artificial intelligence.
This programme is articulated in the form of distance learning workshops, led by CHEMI experts and partners, including AFRIA, a foundation that supports French-speaking countries, particularly African countries in the sustainable and humanistic development of AI.

In line with the SIATA programme's logic of encouraging the emergence of ideas and prospects for action for the benefit of local authorities, AFRIA proposes to organise, at the end of the governors' training cycle, a 72-hour Ideathon which will aim at the ideation, election and realisation of concrete projects. The projects in question will have to respond to an issue relating to territorial development, integrate a technological component (digital and digital) and demonstrate their economic viability. The Ideathon is operated in collaboration with the company Seedstars* and is carried out entirely online over a period of 1 month.

Course of events
The governors of each of the provinces of Senegal identify an issue related to their territorial community that they submit to the organizers of the Ideathon.
These issues are grouped by theme and shared online on a dedicated platform. A deadline then opens up for idea bearers to submit their solution. Participants then register and choose one of the proposed solutions they wish to develop. The teams (of 5) are formed around a solution and the Ideathon can start. The teams will have 3 days to develop and submit their project.

The proposals are then studied in order to elect the best ones. Finally, the selected projects will be presented before a jury that will elect those that can be developed and financed.

Under the aegis of the Governors
Each governor determines the specific problems in one of the development sectors of his or her community: agriculture, security, health, education, infrastructure, etc.
The issue is formalized and translated into a thematic mission by the organizers and submitted to the platform's idea bearers.

A competition entirely digitalized and open to all

For this occasion, an online platform will be made available to allow the community to register, choose its challenge, co-create solutions in teams, all under the mentoring of experts accessible on the platform. No prerequisite is necessary to participate, everyone can take part in the Ideathon.

Teams of mentors and moderators to lead the teams
Once the teams have been set up and have grasped the problem, they work on the development of their project in complete autonomy. In other words, they manage their time and their progress during the 72 hours of the Ideathon.
However, they are coached by moderators and mentors, who share their expertise and experience throughout the Ideathon. The latter are responsible for ensuring that the teams progress smoothly towards their goal.

Selection of the best projects
At the end of the Ideathon, the organizers in collaboration with AFRIA, CHEMI and the Governors, will select the projects of the 60 best teams (i.e. 60 projects, 300 participants).
This process also takes place online. Projects will then be presented to a jury of government, partner and investor representatives.
Projects that meet the needs of the governors and are economically viable will be elected and supported in their development.

Expected results
This event will allow thousands of ideas on the challenges and themes proposed. During the 72 hours of Ideathon, teams will develop innovative solutions to the problems encountered by governors within their local authority.
This competition will also make it possible to detect and bring out talents from all over the continent, regardless of their socio-professional background or level of education. Finally, this Ideathon will help to make tangible the potential of digital technologies as tools for the development of local authorities.



International company whose goal is to have a social, economic and environmental impact in emerging countries through entrepreneurship and technology. This organization is active in more than 80 countries, mainly emerging countries. Seedstars recently organised an Ideathon for the African Development Bank, where they gathered 25'000 participants in 54 countries of the continent and counted 3000 challenges - Africavsvirus


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08 September 2020
AFRIA, the French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

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