AFRIA becomes a foundation under Swiss law

On 1 August 2020, AFRIA became an international foundation under Swiss law.

The kick-off meeting took place at AFRIA headquarters, Rue Charles-Bonnet 4, 1206 Geneva, in the presence of Mr. Nicholas Niggli, Director General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation at the Department of Sécurité́ and Economy of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

The choice of Geneva is justified by its dimension as an international city, European headquarters of the United Nations and numerous companies in the field of digital security. To this end, steps are underway for AFRIA to join the TrustValley initiative in French-speaking Switzerland.

From left to right: Alexandre DemontMember of the Foundation Board; Nicholas NiggliSecretary General of the Department of Economic Development, Research and Innovation of the State of Geneva - Honorary Councillor of the Foundation; Dr. Eric AdjaPresident of the Board of the Foundation; Olivier GerspacherMember of the Foundation Board; Bertrand KolbMember of the management, Head of Foundation Operations

French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

From its headquarters in Geneva, AFRIA manages the various departments (agriculture, health, education, urban planning...) and is active in various countries, mainly in Africa. 

It already has an office in Paris and plans to open offices in some capitals in Africa, Europe and North America in the near future. In African countries, AFRIA relies on local organizations and resources for the organization of operations and activities.


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01 August 2020
AFRIA, the French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

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