AFRIA intends to support African countries in the controlled integration of these technologies so that they are used for the integral and sustainable development of people and the environment.
AFRIA is resolutely focused on impact. Thus, all projects developed in Africa integrate the notion of social and environmental impact from their inception. They systematically contribute to the development of civil society and always benefit local communities and nature.

AFRIA advocates a humanistic, inclusive and sovereign approach to AI technologies in Africa

These notions are at the heart of AFRIA's value proposition and condition each of its activities.

Because it considers that the real beneficiaries of these technologies are above all the African populations and their environment.

Humanist again, because it creates bridges between experts, scientists, entrepreneurs and students from all continents.

This is the reason for establishing its headquarters in Geneva, the world capital of integrity and digital governance.


Because it addresses public authorities, civil society, academia, local communities and the private sector, without discrimination on the basis of function, age, status or gender, and because it covers a full range of services that guarantee the practical and long-term application of sustainable technology projects.


Because the stakes in this area are decisive for the future of the continent. The strategic autonomy of African countries is based on their ability to master the scientific, technological and industrial skills related to artificial intelligence technologies.

It is a question of mastering not only the technology, but also the conditions of its integration (choice and condition of partnerships, data integrity, forms of governance, etc.).


  1. Rev Dr. Patrick Devine

    Greetings from Eastern Africa. Interested in the concept, delivery and impacts


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11 November 2020
AFRIA, the French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

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