AFRIA receives support and sponsorship from the Forum Francophone des affaires (FFA)

A global network of companies committed to building the economic Francophonie, the FFA is chaired by Steve Gentilli, President of BRED.

Francophone Business Forum

Francophone Business Forum

The FFA is part of the economic Francophonie. The economic Francophonie is the choice of cooperation between economic actors. It strengthens their position by increasing their capacity to face economic and financial globalization. The economic Francophonie is a space of partnership and solidarity based on the intensification of economic and commercial relations as well as on the promotion of a vision of the world and the economy that takes into account humanist values while respecting cultural identities.

Francophone Business Forum

French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

From its headquarters in Geneva, AFRIA manages the various departments (agriculture, health, education, urban planning...) and is active in various countries, mainly in Africa. 

It already has an office in Paris and plans to open offices in some capitals in Africa, Europe and North America in the near future. In African countries, AFRIA relies on local organizations and resources for the organization of operations and activities.


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21 August 2020
AFRIA, the French-speaking Agency for Artificial Intelligence

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