What is the potential of Artificial Intelligence coupled with digital technology to meet these challenges while respecting cultural diversity, ethics and human rights?
Artificial intelligence is still a relatively new and growing field. There is a huge need for training and information for a variety of audiences: political leaders, business leaders, academics, rural populations and the general public.

On the other hand, the challenge faced by countries that have not developed their own strategy and expertise in AI technologies is that they are dependent on solutions incubated in vitro and not in vivo. This means that very often solutions are detached from local reality and only partially meet the needs, especially of the most precarious populations but also those most distant from these tools (farmers, producers, etc.).

AFRIA therefore defines itself as a platform with a dual function: 1- disseminating knowledge on sustainable development through AI and digital technologies. 2- to facilitate the integration and implementation of this technology by connecting actors/sectors with needs and solution providers. AFRIA operates with the central concern of guaranteeing African states their digital sovereignty, serving the common good and promoting an integral ecology. This dual mission is translated in detail as follows:

It is strategic for Africa to strengthen or accelerate the development of its artificial intelligence capabilities.

Raising awareness of AI issues and opportunities

Produce and disseminate knowledge and critical thinking on emerging technology issues and provide strategic intelligence;

Promote and organize consultation within and between African countries and facilitate greater involvement of stakeholders, including civil society, the private sector, universities and research institutes, elected officials, youth, women in AI and digital technology issues.

Stimulate cooperation and capacity building in African countries for the cross-cutting integration of the principles of sustainable development, ethics and human rights in the accelerated development of AI-related technologies.

Deployment and integration of AI for the benefit of people and nature

Identify the needs of the public and private sectors for new technologies, including AI, in the fields of agriculture, urban planning, security, training and health, which are not exhaustive;

Research in the academic, scientific and entrepreneurial communities the solutions that meet the identified needs in order to facilitate and coordinate their integration;

Bringing together actors and stakeholders to ensure the controlled, responsible and economically viable development of sustainable projects in Africa.


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01 August 2020
Eric Adja
Dr. Eric ADJA is the President of the Agence francophone pour l'intelligence artificielle (AFRIA), an international foundation based in Geneva, whose mission is to support French-speaking countries, particularly African countries, in the promotion of digital technologies and artificial intelligence for the creation of businesses and sustainable development.

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